Getting an Aftercare Plan for Substance Abuse

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An aftercare plan is a core part of addiction treatment. Each person’s aftercare plan will be unique, but all plans share a common goal: helping people stay sober after drug or alcohol rehab.

What Is Aftercare Treatment?

Aftercare is a plan to help someone in early recovery from substance abuse avoid relapse and work toward their goals. It includes activities, support, and resources to help people manage triggers, deal with stress, and fight cravings.

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All aftercare plans are different but could include:

  • Joining rehab alumni program
  • Going to 12-step meetings
  • Calling a sponsor or supportive person
  • Going to therapy (one-to-one or group)
  • Staying in a sober living home

Many people find it hard after leaving rehab, and the risk of relapse is highest in the first few months of recovery. Up to 60% of people with addictions relapse at some point, a rate similar to other chronic conditions like asthma and diabetes. An aftercare plan helps prevent relapse by providing support and ongoing work on addiction issues.

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Types of Aftercare Programs

Aftercare plans aim to maintain the progress made at rehab by providing a long-term support system. This network can help keep people on track in early recovery.

For many, aftercare includes outpatient therapy, support groups, and monitoring if needed. Experts offer help with aftercare planning during the treatment process, helping to create a plan that meets each person’s needs. Many people include friends and family in their aftercare plans.

Types of aftercare services include:

  • Medication management
  • Outpatient therapy
  • IOP (intensive outpatient program)
  • Recovery coaching
  • Family therapy
  • Couples therapy
  • Visits to doctor
  • Support groups

Support groups

Many people in recovery find that support groups can help them stay sober and accountable. Options include:

A supportive space helps people move from addiction to everyday living. Aftercare plans may also focus on safe employment, sober housing, spiritual support, and supportive loved ones.

Alumni programs

Many rehabs have alumni programs for those who have finished treatment but still need support. These programs connect people to ongoing help as they return to normal life. Services include:

  • Sober events
  • Support hotlines
  • Regular check-ins
  • Online support through email or social media

Alumni programs aim to keep people connected to support for as long as needed. They often have coordinators who can answer questions and offer guidance on demand.

Sober homes

Stable housing is essential for people in recovery. Sober living homes are drug and alcohol-free spaces that support recovery. Residents must stay sober, follow house rules, and continue their recovery. Programs may also help residents find jobs. Treatment teams at rehabs can help people find suitable sober living homes.

Relapse prevention and crisis management

A solid relapse prevention and crisis management plan increases recovery success. This includes knowing triggers, managing cravings, and noticing warning signs. Core elements include:

  • Writing down known triggers, self-soothing techniques, and safe contacts
  • Making daily calls to safe contacts
  • Enjoying sober hobbies for self-care
  • Developing a structured schedule
  • Asking for help when needed

Where to Get Help for Aftercare Planning

Planning your aftercare can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone. Call California Detox at 949.694.8305 to get help with aftercare planning and support for lasting recovery.

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Yes, most rehabs help plan for life after treatment. This usually includes support like counseling, follow-up care, and resources to keep you on track.
You can make an aftercare plan for substance abuse by working with your rehab team. The plan may suggest ongoing therapy, support groups, and other tools to help you stay sober.


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