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When people think of Laguna Beach, they picture sunny beaches and beautiful coastlines. But there are also many great hikes in Laguna Beach with over 20,000 acres of natural land, parks, and wilderness areas. Laguna Beach hikes let you explore amazing places, from rolling hills to hidden canyons. Whether you love hiking or just want a peaceful walk in nature, the trails around Laguna Beach are perfect.

This guide highlights some of the best hiking spots that make Laguna Beach a great place for outdoor fun. It also shows you how to get effective addiction treatment that includes hiking and other holistic therapies.

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Best Hikes in Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is famous for its beautiful beaches and art, but it’s also great for hiking. The trails here offer amazing views of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding hills. Many are accessible from downtown Laguna Beach and the Main Beach area.

The cooler months from November to March are ideal for hiking since there’s not much shade on the trails. Starting your hike early helps you avoid crowds and ensures better parking options. Bring plenty of water and sun protection, as mornings can turn into hot afternoons. Watch out for rattlesnakes, coyotes, and other wildlife. Give them space and stay safe.

Here are some of the best hikes in Laguna Beach that you should try.

Crystal Cove State Park

Crystal Cove State Park has many trails with fantastic ocean views. You can hike in the morning and relax on the beach afterward. This state park has several parking lots and the entrance fee is $15 per vehicle. 

El Moro Canyon Trail

This trail is about 5 miles long and offers stunning views of the ocean and El Moro Canyon. It’s a moderate hike with a steep incline of 800 feet. You can find parking at the Lower Moro lot and start your hike at the ranger station.

Bommer Ridge Trail

Bommer Ridge Trail is a 7.4-mile hike with great views of coastal towns and ocean vistas. This trail is relatively easy and can be adjusted to be shorter or longer based on your preference. There’s usually street parking available on Ridge Park Road.

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park

This park has over 40 trails across 7,000 acres of coastal wilderness. It’s a quieter hiking area with beautiful canyons and rare wildlife. Check out the Laurel Canyon Trail and the Willow Staging Area for great hikes.

Laurel Canyon Trail

This 3.6-mile roundtrip hike takes you through meadows and past Ghost Rock. It’s an easy-to-moderate hike, and if you continue past the waterfall, you can enjoy an ocean view. The trailhead starts at the Willow Staging Area, where parking is limited, so arrive early.

Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park

This park offers 4,500 acres of open space and 30 miles of trails. It’s a great place to hike, bike, or ride horseback. The park is open from 7am to 9pm, and parking costs $3 per vehicle.

Top of the World

Hike the trails at the Top of the World for breathtaking ocean views. There are many trails to choose from, ranging from easy to challenging. You can park at Alta Laguna Park and explore the trails from there.

Valido Trail

This short but steep trail is less than a mile long but rewards you with great ocean views at the top of Aliso Peak. There are stairs to help with the incline but wear proper footwear.

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Benefits of Hiking in Laguna Beach for Sobriety

Laguna Beach hiking trails offer more than the chance to enjoy nature – hiking can also help you stay sober as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

  • Reduces stress: Being in nature helps reduce stress. The fresh air, beautiful views, and peaceful surroundings make you feel calm and relaxed. This can help you manage stress better and avoid triggers that might make you want to drink or use drugs.
  • Boosts mood: Exercise like hiking releases endorphins, chemicals in your brain that make you happy. Hiking regularly can improve your mood and help you stay positive during your recovery journey.
  • Provides a healthy routine: Hiking gives you a healthy activity to look forward to. It can become a part of your routine, helping you fill your time with something productive and enjoyable. This can keep your mind busy and away from thoughts of substance use.
  • Connects you with others: Hiking is a great way to meet new people or strengthen bonds with friends and family. Joining a hiking group or inviting loved ones to hike can support and encourage your sobriety.
  • Improves physical health: Staying active through hiking improves your physical health. It strengthens your muscles, boosts energy, and helps you sleep better. Good physical health can make your recovery journey easier and more successful.
  • Encourages mindfulness: Hiking allows you to be present in the moment. You can focus on the sights, sounds, and smells around you, which helps you practice mindfulness. Being mindful can reduce cravings and help you stay focused on your sobriety goals.
  • Offers a sense of achievement: Completing a hike gives you a sense of accomplishment. Reaching the top of a hill or finishing a long trail shows you can set and achieve goals. This confidence can carry over to other areas of your life, including sobriety.

Sober Communities in Laguna Beach

Sober communities in Laguna Beach come and go, so check online for current options.

  • Orange County Hiking: Orange County Hiking is a Facebook group connecting hikers from OC with common interests. You may find members engaged in addiction recovery.
  • Laguna Beach Hiking: This Meetup community offers access to many hiking events near Laguna Beach, CA.
  • OC Sober Activities: Another Meetup Community offering sober events near Orange, CA.
  • South OC & Alcohol-Free: This community has hundreds of sober members who enjoy hiking, beach walks, and bonfires.

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Laguna Beach Hikes | FAQs

What are some popular hiking trails in Laguna Beach?

Popular hiking trails include the Aliso Summit Trail, the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park trails like Willow Canyon and Big Bend, and the Top of the World hike in Laguna Beach.

Are the hiking trails in Laguna Beach suitable for beginners?

Yes, many hiking trails in Laguna Beach are suitable for beginners, offering a mix of easy-to-moderate trails with beautiful views of the ocean and canyons.

Is parking available at Laguna Beach hiking trailheads?

Parking is available at various trailheads in Laguna Beach, but it can fill up quickly, especially on weekends and holidays. Arriving early or using alternative transportation like biking or ridesharing can be helpful.

Are there restrooms and water facilities available at Laguna Beach hikes?

Some hiking trails in Laguna Beach have restrooms and water facilities, but not all. Check beforehand or bring your water and plan for restroom breaks.


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Popular hiking trails include the Aliso Summit Trail, the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park trails like Willow Canyon and Big Bend, and the Top of the World hike in Laguna Beach.
Yes, many hiking trails in Laguna Beach are suitable for beginners, offering a mix of easy-to-moderate trails with beautiful views of the ocean and canyons.


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