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Luxury rehab is a term used to describe upscale addiction treatment centers offering the highest levels of clinical and emotional care in a luxurious setting. All luxury rehab centers place a premium on privacy and confidentiality, allowing you to engage with evidence-based addiction treatment in a serene and tranquil environment. However, attending luxury rehab in California provides access to a world-class recovery community and a stunning local environment.

What is a Luxury Rehab?

Luxury rehab facilities offer top-tier treatment for substance use disorders, alcohol use disorders, mental health disorders, and co-occurring disorders (a dual diagnosis of addiction and co-occurring mental health disorder). 

All luxury rehabs are located in resort-style treatment centers loaded with desirable amenities. 

A good luxury drug rehab or luxury alcohol rehab will provide personalized therapy options for those in need of a safe and private space in which to recover from addiction. 

Like any reputable rehab, a luxury rehab center will treat addictions and mental health disorders through the following array of research-backed therapies


      • MAT (medication-assisted treatment)

      • Psychotherapy (talk therapies like CBT, DBT, and REBT)

      • Counseling

    An image of two individuals during a counseling session at a luxury rehab in Laguna Beach, California

    Many high-profile professionals and celebrities choose to fight addiction or mental health issues in the cocooned environment of luxury rehab. As such, many of these centers insist that employees sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) before starting work. 

    Another core characteristic of luxury rehabs is the lower than average number of patients relative to staff. 

    Some people opt for gender-specific variants of luxury rehab – luxury drug rehab for adult men, for instance. This can provide a backdrop with fewer distractions and more personal attention. 

    Whichever route to luxury rehab makes the smoothest fit for you, the amenities, exclusivity, and pioneering treatments come at a significant cost when you look into how much luxury rehab costs.

    What to Expect When Going to a Luxury Recovery Center

    You may be wondering “How does rehab work?” Like any rehab, luxury rehab centers provide a similar range of therapies and services for the treatment of alcoholism (alcohol use disorder), drug addiction (substance use disorder), and mental health disorders. Co-occurring disorders are best treated with integrated therapy addressing both issues simultaneously. 


    A typical stay at an inpatient luxury rehab has the following framework: 


        • Medical detox

        • MAT (medication-assisted treatment)

        • Psychotherapy

        • Counseling (individual and group)

        • Holistic therapies

        • Relapse prevention and management/aftercare

      Medical Detox

      It is inadvisable to abruptly stop using alcohol or drugs without medical liaison. In some cases, home detox can dangerous and possibly even deadly. 

      An inpatient program at a luxury rehab center will typically begin with a medically-supervised detox. This will take place at the treatment center before a course of treatment commences. If you choose a luxury outpatient rehab program, ask the provider for a referral to a recommended medical detox center near you. 

      Medical detoxification usually takes from 7 to 10 days. Both alcohol use disorder and opioid use disorder respond positively to several FDA-approved medications. These medications help reduce the intensity of cravings and withdrawal symptoms during detox. Other medications can be prescribed to combat insomnia, nausea, sickness, and gastrointestinal issues. A team of medical experts can also intervene in the event of any complications during drug or alcohol withdrawal. 

      Detox addresses the physical component of addiction. With your system purged of toxins and toxic by-products, you will be ready to start treatment at a luxury inpatient or outpatient rehab facility. 

      MAT (Medication-Assisted Treatment)

      MAT is beneficial for the treatment of both opioid use disorder and alcohol use disorder. 

      During the detox phase, medications help to minimize the extent of cravings. As treatment continues, the medications used in MAT will block the effects of substances, reducing the chance of relapse. 

      The most effective application of MAT always involves delivery alongside counseling and psychotherapy.


      Psychotherapy is the clinical descriptor for talk therapy and forms a central part of luxury rehab treatment programming. 

      The most common types of talk therapy applied to treat addictions and mental health conditions are: 


        CBT sessions will help you to identify what triggers you into destructive patterns of behavior. You will then learn how to use superior coping strategies to deal with life’s stressors. DBT, by contrast, can improve your ability to regulate emotions and strengthen acceptance and interpersonal relationships. 

        Both forms of psychotherapy are time-limited and proven effective. 

        Counseling (Individual and Group)

        While many regular rehab centers focus primarily on group counseling sessions, you can expect much more one-to-one therapy at a luxury rehab. Here, you’ll have the chance to work closely with a therapist to probe the specifics of your addiction or mental health disorder. 

        Group counseling sessions can also be beneficial, allowing you to take advantage of the support of peers undergoing a similar experience. 

        Luxury rehabs will connect you with a team of addiction recovery specialists and psychologist to help you unpack the mental and emotional aspect of substance use disorder. 

        Relapse Prevention and Management/Aftercare

        Every upscale rehab will ensure you have an aftercare plan and relapse management plan in place when you complete your program. 

        You may either transition to a less intensive level of care – stepping down from a PHP to a traditional outpatient program, for instance – or return to daily living. Either way, the most effective luxury rehabs continue to support you after discharge. 

        Benefits of Luxury Rehabs – California

        Here are the primary benefits of attending a luxury rehab in California:


            1. Privacy: Many high-profile professionals or celebrities want to engage with addiction treatment in complete privacy. Employees at upscale rehabs will sign confidentiality agreements and should uphold these agreements.

            1. Comfort: A luxury rehab will have comfortable and well-appointed accommodations. Private rooms are more like hotel rooms than medical facilities. Amenities should also be wide-ranging.

            1. Personal attention: The favorable staff-to-client ratio at luxury drug or alcohol rehab means you get the most individualized level of care possible.

          The good news? 

          You can achieve all this and more here at our luxury rehab in California.

          an image of the California Detox luxury rehabs in california

          California Detox’s Luxury Rehabs in California

          Engage with luxury rehabs in California at all levels of intensity here at California Detox.

          Whether you have a mild addiction and require outpatient treatment, or a more severe addiction or co-occurring disorder that needs residential rehab, we offer all of these programs in a luxurious oceanside setting. 

          We offer:


              • Medication-assisted detox

              • Intensive Outpatient Programs

              • Partial Hospitalization Programs

              • Dual Diagnosis

              • & More

            We can help you navigate detox as comfortably and safely as possible and you can then engage with a personalized combination of evidence-based treatments and holistic therapies. 

            To take advantage of all of the treatments and luxury drug rehab services above, reach out to admissions today at 949.390.5377 to learn if you need rehab


            Luxury rehabs and non-luxury rehabs are both equally focused on recovery with the difference apparent in the quality of accommodation and amenities.
            Health insurance might cover the cost of luxury drug and alcohol rehab treatment, but this will depend on the specifics of the insurance policy. In most cases, you will need to meet at least some of the costs of luxury rehab treatment out of pocket.


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