The Best Beaches for Swimming in Laguna Beach, CA

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Laguna Beach, CA, is a sun-kissed paradise for beach aficionados. With a dazzling array of over 30 scenic beaches, the options for basking in the golden sun, frolicking in the sand, and riding the surf are virtually endless. But when it comes to swimming, not all beaches are created equal. Some are havens for surfers, snorkelers, or tide pool explorers, while others are tranquil oases perfect for swimmers of all ages and abilities. 

Let’s dive into some of the best beaches for swimming in Laguna Beach, CA, all open to the public and within a quick 30-minute drive from the city. These gems offer crystal clear water, velvety soft sand, vigilant lifeguards, and amenities that set the stage for a refreshing embrace with the Pacific Ocean.

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Main Beach: The Heartbeat of Laguna

Main Beach, the bustling hub of Laguna Beach, is a vibrant blend of sandy shores and urban charm. With its wide, flat sandy area, it’s an invitation to sunbathe, picnic, and play. The calm and shallow waters beckon swimmers and waders, while tide pools at the north end add a touch of exploration. Surrounded by shops, restaurants, art galleries, and museums, Main Beach is more than just a beach; it’s an experience.

Aliso Beach: A Family’s Delight

Aliso Beach is a family’s dream come true. With its soft sand, gentle waves, and a creek that flows into the ocean, it’s a playground for swimmers and boogie boarders. The beach’s amenities, including picnic tables, fire pits, and a snack bar, make it a full-day destination. And don’t miss the stunning sunsets and views of Catalina Island that add a magical touch to the day.

Treasure Island: Laguna’s Hidden Gem

Tucked below the Montage Resort in South Laguna, Treasure Island is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. The clear water and moderate surf create a perfect environment for swimming and snorkeling. The rocky outcrops and caves along the shore add to the scenic beauty, making Treasure Island a treasure indeed.

Diver’s Cove: An Underwater Wonderland

Diver’s Cove is a small and secluded beach that offers an underwater wonderland. With its coarse sand and rocky formations, it’s a hotspot for divers and snorkelers eager to explore marine life. The calm and clear waters also make it a delightful spot for swimming and kayaking, with restrooms, showers, and benches nearby for convenience.

Thousand Steps Beach: A Journey Worth Taking

Thousand Steps Beach is a journey worth taking. Despite its name, the long staircase leads to a large and beautiful beach with fine sand and turquoise water that invites swimmers and surfers alike. The caves and tide pools add an adventurous twist, making it a beach that promises both relaxation and exploration.

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Swimming in Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach, CA, is a swimmer’s dream, offering a blend of clear waters, soft sands, and unique landscapes. From bustling downtown to the hidden coves of South Laguna, these beaches provide the perfect backdrop for a refreshing swim. 

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Treasure Island is known to have extremely clear and clean water.
The best beaches for surfing in Laguna Beach are Thalia Street, Brooks Street, Rockpile Beach, and Oak Street.


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