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Addiction treatment is not something that should be done alone. Withdrawal and early sobriety can be dangerous and without proper supervision, can even be life-threatening in some cases. 

Take time to learn about treatment options and reach out to our team to get the process started.

Whether you’re looking for addiction treatment for yourself or someone you love, it is a process you shouldn’t do alone. Finding a treatment center staffed with professionals who understand your struggles is essential to ensuring recovery. Are you ready to change your life for the better? California Detox is here to help.

A Brighter Future with California Detox

At California Detox, clients are surrounded by professionalism, compassion, and beauty. Our gorgeous facility offers several evidence-based treatment programs to assist teens and adults during all phases of substance use recovery.

We are a drug rehab in Laguna Beach, Orange County, only a short drive from Anaheim, Long Beach, and Santa Ana, California. Our coastal location allows clients to reflect on the beauties of nature and the soothing sights and sounds of the ocean as they recover. With our accreditations from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, clients are in expert hands when they stay at California Detox. 

We Provide a Personal Touch

One of our business’s outstanding qualities is the special attention clients will receive within our facility. To say we provide a personal touch is an understatement. While most California addiction treatment centers have over 20 beds, ours only has 6. This allows our staff to dedicate more time to each client, guiding them through their unique challenges.

Having a small number of clients at any given time lets our clients have constant access to our clinical staff. If they have a specific need, a staff member is on hand to attend to their issue. The entire addiction recovery experience at California Detox is personalized. In addition, there is availability for regular sessions of individual therapy, which complements group therapy.

We Offer Customized Treatment Plans

To facilitate the necessary care for our clients, we consider all aspects of a person’s life to create their customized recovery program. Our treatment plans are highly tailored to meet client needs.

We provide an assessment at the beginning of the admissions process to determine if the client has overlapping depression or anxiety and substance use disorder. If so, we create a plan that simultaneously addresses their mental health needs and addiction issues. By resolving both problems, we improve outcomes and the chance for long-term sobriety.

We Extend a Continuum of Care

A detox program is a starting point for clients addicted to any substance, but it’s not the end of treatment. In fact, without continued services and treatment, the risk for relapse is very high. That’s why we provide a continuum of care that takes clients from start to finish on their journey.

During the detoxification process, the client is cleansed from the toxins of drugs, which is a necessary part of their road to recovery. At California Detox, trained addiction experts provide clinical support while clients undergo this step. Once detox is complete, moving on to the next recovery phase is essential. We offer various step-down programs to help with every aspect of care necessary. 

Some of the addiction treatment programs at our Laguna drug and rehab facility include:

Inpatient Rehab Treatment

Clients will receive an immersive experience with around-the-clock clinical support in our inpatient rehab program. Their care takes place in a comfortable and luxurious setting by the ocean. Therapeutic support is part of the process while the client resides at our facility for an extended period of time. During this program, clients get a high degree of structure to ensure they learn the way to a sober life.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Some clients may step down to a PHP after inpatient rehab or detox. This program provides a high level of support with flexibility, structure, and affordability. PHP is ideal for busy individuals who require a balance between recovery and their home or work life. Clients stay in the rehab facility most of the day and return home at night.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

An IOP offers clients a very intense level of outpatient treatment. Although the treatment is on an outpatient basis, clients will get extensive treatment with highly qualified therapists and addiction workers, ensuring that they are making progress. This program is best suited for those who have completed detox and either inpatient rehab or a partial hospitalization program.

Outpatient Rehab Treatment

Our outpatient rehab program serves clients who are ready for lower intensity. They come into the facility for therapy sessions once or more a week. These regular meetings assist with staying on track and staying sober. Through outpatient rehab, participants learn to live in the outside world without relapsing. At California Detox, our therapists help clients with accountability so they remain on the pathway of sobriety.

Alumni Programs

An alumni program allows former clients to stay involved with California Detox guiding others who have been through the journey with staff who have helped. Alumni programs give clients a sense of accomplishment and keep them accountable.

Our Treatment is Evidence-Based

Our therapies, techniques, and programs are backed by scientific research and proven to produce results. We stay on top of science to ensure our clients receive the most up-to-date treatments. Some of the therapeutic treatments we provide include the following:

A therapist will work closely with each client to determine which treatment regimen is the right one for the person.

We Have a Beautiful Location and Setting

Our gorgeous facility overlooks the ocean in the heart of Laguna Beach. We offer some private bedrooms, all of which have an ocean view. People who come to California Detox can enjoy a 5-minute walk to the beach. The peacefulness of an ocean setting can be restful and restorative for many struggling with a substance abuse issue.

We understand the challenges of addiction, which is why we cater your treatment to meet your needs. Our team at California Detox is eager to guide you through your recovery. Contact us today to inquire about our addiction treatment options and find the one that best suits you or your loved one.

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