Drug Rehab in Laguna Beach, CA

If you or a loved one needs treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction, our Laguna Beach rehab offers effective, world-class treatment in a beautiful location. 

Our Laguna Beach recovery center offers:

  • Expert clinical treatment
  • Medication-assisted detox
  • 24/7 supervision
  • Private rooms w/ ocean view
  • On-site therapists & clinical staff
  • & more

If you are struggling with an addiction to prescription medications or illicit drugs, you have many options for drug rehab in Laguna Beach. 

Before we highlight what to expect from Laguna Beach rehab, why should you consider engaging with treatment in OC in the first place?

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Addiction Treatment in Laguna Beach

You may be wondering, “Does rehab work?” Well if you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, it is vital to seek out the help of a professional addiction treatment program. You can’t expect to get sober and learn relapse prevention skills on your own. As with any other disease, if you are struggling with the disease of addiction, you should get help from professionals.

One thing to be aware of when searching for treatment is to understand that location of the rehab. California Detox’s luxury treatment program in Laguna Beach offers clients access to a beautiful living spaces, gorgeous beaches, spacious common areas, and more at our amazing location in the heart of Laguna Beach.

Laguna Beach Drug Rehab

CHCF (California Health Care Foundation) published a report, Substance Use in California, drawing on years of data. 

According to the CHFC report, 8% of California residents are identified as requiring treatment for substance use disorder, with less than 10% of them engaging with any form of treatment. This mirrors the national average treatment gap. 

A 2017 report from OCHA (Orange County Healthcare Agency) reveals the following: 

  • Orange County residents aged from 45 to 54 account for the highest number of drug overdoses.
  • 81% of all drug overdoses involved non-Hispanic whites.
  • Women more likely than men to overdose on prescription medications like opioids or benzos.
  • The rate of fatal overdoses in Orange County is lower among women than men.
  • Most visits to emergency departments for drug overdose treatment occur in Laguna Beach, Costa Mesa, San Clemente, Dana Point, and Laguna Woods.

Alcohol Rehab Laguna Beach

OCHA reports that there is a consistent relationship between alcohol use prevalence and socio-demographic status in Laguna Beach. More educated and affluent adults report higher levels of alcohol consumption than those of lower educational status and income. 

Per this report, more men than women consume alcohol with white individuals and those aged 45 to 64 typically consuming more alcohol than those from other demographics. 

Deaths associated with alcohol in Orange County increased by 41% from 2000 to 2012, and alcohol remains the most abused addictive substance in Laguna Beach today.

an image of Laguna Beach, CA where California Detox's drug rehab is located

What to Expect at a Laguna Beach Rehab

There are five levels on ASAM’s criteria for addiction treatment: 

  1. Early intervention
  2. Outpatient treatment
  3. IOP/PHP (intensive outpatient programs and partial hospitalization programs)
  4. Residential/inpatient treatment
  5. Intensive inpatient treatment 

Most severe addictions and co-occurring disorders respond most positively to residential rehab. You will remain at the Laguna Beach rehab for between 30 and 90 days or more, taking you from detox to discharge. 

Studies show that most mild and moderate substance use disorders respond just as well to intensive outpatient treatment as to inpatient treatment. 

You will find the following types of outpatient rehab in Laguna Beach: 

  • OP (traditional outpatient program) – 9 hours or less of weekly therapy
  • IOP (intensive outpatient program) – 12 to 15 hours of weekly therapy
  • PHP (partial hospitalization program) – 30 to 35 hours of weekly therapy 

Outpatient programming offers you access to the same services and therapies you find in residential rehab. Between therapy sessions, you return home or to a sober living home. 

Most addictions are treated with a personalized combination of the following therapies: 

  • MAT (medication-assisted treatment)
  • Psychotherapy (talk therapies like CBT or DBT)
  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling

You may also find the following intervention and therapies at rehab Laguna beach 

  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Yoga
  • Fitness and sports
  • Peer-support programs
Laguna beach rehab | California detox

About Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is an artist colony and one of the hidden gems of Orange County located midway between San Diego and Los Angeles. 

Temperatures are mild all year round, averaging from 60F to 80F. Conditions are cooler between December and February, while the weather warms up from July to October. 

Laguna Beach boasts seven miles of coastline where you can explore oceanside bluffs, tide pools, sea caves, coves, and plenty of sandy beaches. You will also find the highest concentration of beachfront accommodation in California here in Laguna Beach.

There are also 20,000 acres of protected wilderness in Laguna Beach. Through this area, you’ll find hundreds of miles of hills and hiking opportunities and the opportunity to connect with the great outdoors.

Popular Beaches

There are more than 30 beaches and coves in Laguna Beach, making it the perfect spot for some upscale coastal fun. 

Try swimming, snorkeling, surfing, or paddle boarding along almost eight miles of stunning coastline. 

Here are five great beaches to explore: 

  1. Main Beach
  2. Treasure Island Beach
  3. Heisler Park
  4. Thousand Steps Beach
  5. Table Rock Beach

Main Beach

Main Beach is the busiest hub of ocean activity here in Laguna Beach. Situated across the Coast Highway downtown, you can easily reach the wide, sandy shoreline. 

The ease of access and prime location make Main Beach the most vibrant of all the beaches in Laguna Beach.

Treasure Island Beach

Treasure Island Beach is co-managed by the upscale Montage Laguna Beach. This is evident in the impeccably manicured bluff-top park sitting above the beach. 

Most people access the beach via this landscaped park, walking down a graded ramp to the southwest side of the resort.

Heisler Beach

An oceanfront park sitting high above the waves, Heisler Park features landscaped paths throughout. 

There are plenty of benches and gazebos in the park allowing you to relax in the incredible scenery.

Thousand Steps Beach

Thousand Steps Beach is a wide, welcoming beach with tide pools and volleyball nets. Hilltop mansions look down on this beach, one of the most southern of the beaches within city limits. 

Accessible by a set of 223 steps, the beach is named for the feeling triggered by walking up the long staircase after a day of fun.

Table Rock Beach

Another hidden gem in south Laguna Beach, Table Rock Beach is situated in a deep cove. You’ll find a huge cave at the back of this beach.


The Festival of Arts/Pageant of the Masters is voted among the top festivals in the United States. Visit Laguna Beach and take part in a summer tradition that’s been in place for almost a century. 

St. Francis by the Sea is the world’s second smallest cathedral. Built in 1933 using materials salvaged from the Long Beach earthquake that year, the cathedral seats just 42 people. 

The West Coast’s oldest continually operating theater, The Laguna Playhouse was founded over 95 years ago. Performers including Val Kilmer, Bette Davis, and Harrison Ford have graced the stage.


Try taking a self-guided tour of the beachfront, taking in the sculptures and artworks on display. You will come across both temporary and permanent installations, ranging from themed signage to expansive murals. 

As outlined above, the coastline of Laguna Beach has plenty of tidal pools offering you a glimpse into life under the sea. You will find the tidal pools in the area where the low water line and the high tide meet (the intertidal zone). These pools are teeming with a variety of intriguing marine life. 

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park is one of Southern California’s last coastal canyons. Located in 7000 acres on Laguna Canyon Road, the wilderness surrounds Laguna Beach and makes for a wonderful outing.

California Detox’s Rehab in Laguna Beach

Whether you need alcohol rehab Laguna Beach or drug rehab Laguna Beach, we can help you here at California Detox.

We provide treatment for the following conditions: 

  • Alcohol use disorders
  • Substance use disorders
  • Mental health disorders
  • Co-occurring disorders

Whether you need the structure and support of inpatient treatment or the flexibility and affordability of outpatient rehab, our Laguna coast recovery program can personalize a treatment program to suit. 

All of our programming draws from an evidence-based array of therapies, including MAT, psychotherapy, and counseling. 

To benefit from highly structured addiction treatment in an environment free of distractions and triggers, call our Laguna Beach rehab, California Detox today at 949.390.5377.


Addiction recovery is a difficult process and trying to deal with it alone is near impossible. Now, going to a great location, like Laguna Beach can help mitigate some of the difficulties that come with early sobriety. Being in a peaceful location with wonderful outdoor activities and views can help your situation feel more surmountable.

Yes, Laguna Beach has a recovery-focused community that includes support groups, 12-step programs, and other peer support networks. 

Between Laguna’s beautiful natural environment, thriving downtown, private and upscale atmosphere, and more, it’s a great place to get treatment. 


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