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Substance abuse professionals utilize various methods to aid in the recovery process. This includes traditional therapies as well as holistic addiction treatment, also called alternative or complementary treatment. 

Holistic addiction treatment isn’t entirely new, but the past several years have seen greater interest in its methods. Due to its favorable recovery rates, drug and alcohol rehab facilities implement holistic treatment methods more often to help those suffering from addiction. In many instances, this holistic detox treatment is provided alongside other traditional therapies and programs.

What Is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

Holistic comes from the Greek word holos, meaning “whole.” Holistic refers to the person as an integrated whole unit rather than composed of separate parts. Holistic addiction treatment uses this “whole person” approach to effectively treat addiction by providing therapies like yoga, meditation, reiki, and music therapy. 

A holistic approach to addiction recovery assumes that we all have a physical body and an emotional state of being. The holistic perspective views and treats these as one whole part, not separately. So, when someone struggles with substance abuse, holistic treatments target the entire individual. 

Instead of only treating physical symptoms with medical interventions, a holistic approach focuses on the individual’s mind, body, and spirit connection to help those struggling with addiction.

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Using Holistic Techniques in a Rehab Setting

Implementing holistic, complementary, and alternative treatments in a rehab setting is beneficial since it addresses the physical, mental, and emotional symptoms associated with substance abuse. People in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction deal with various physical withdrawal symptoms that may be relieved or minimized with certain CAM or holistic methods. 

Many people with addictions use substances as a form of self-medication, indicating the need for mental health treatments. Many holistic treatments are geared toward greater mindfulness and positivity, thus alleviating some of the emotional distress these individuals feel. A popular group therapy that uses holistic treatment is the 12-Step Program. Prayer is often a part of programs like these.

Other individuals in holistic rehab treatment find that meditation and relaxation techniques are essential to help resolve issues of anxiety, depression, and stress. One study found that even a one-month session of holistic treatment centered on stress management aided in reducing the incidence of anxiety, stress, and depression. A holistic approach is advisable since the connection between these mental health conditions and substance abuse is well documented.

How Does It Work?

Holistic treatment can be easily incorporated into a substance abuse rehabilitation program through therapy, support groups, and activities. When you meet with the rehab case manager, they will work to develop a personalized treatment plan that meets your needs. The goal of a holistic treatment plan is to guide you to greater self-regulation of your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

Since these are all interrelated, mastery over one facet can help control the others. For example, a person may be triggered to use drugs or alcohol after experiencing certain heightened emotions. These emotions lead to negative thoughts, then self-destructive behavior.

A therapist is best suited to develop a unique, customized treatment program that promotes your well-being. This may include any of the following treatment regimens:

Benefits of Holistic Treatment for Individuals in Recovery

Holistic therapy and treatment can help improve your overall mental health, which in turn aids in the recovery from a drug or alcohol abuse issue. 

Since people use drugs or alcohol for different reasons, the benefits you would obtain from such treatment vary based on your unique situation. 

For example, someone suffering from chronic pain and becoming addicted to opioids would benefit from holistic pain-relieving techniques. However, someone who started using substances due to PTSD may find trauma-informed therapy methods more useful in the healing process.

How To Find a Holistic Rehab Program

Many substance abuse facilities offer holistic treatment to complement standard therapies. Finding a holistic rehab program should not be too difficult. You might begin by discussing your substance use issue with your primary care physician (PCP). They will sometimes be able to refer you to a few reputable locations. However, take additional steps to ensure the facility is right for you.

You can check for rehabs near you and browse their website for more information. However, calling the facility directly can provide more details. Speak to the admissions representative about your situation and your desire to incorporate holistic approaches into your treatment plan. You can ask for licenses, training, and credentials to ensure that you are receiving quality care.

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The holistic treatment approach considers the person as a whole, addressing the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit. It focuses on treating individuals’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being to promote overall health and healing.


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