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Private rehab offers everyone the chance to engage with completely confidential treatment for alcohol use disorder, substance use disorder, and mental health disorders.

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Addiction impacts people from all socioeconomic backgrounds. Defined by NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) as a chronic and relapsing brain disorder, alcoholism and drug addiction are characterized by compulsive substance use despite negative consequences.

Sustained substance use triggers changes to the structure and function of the brain, making it challenging to discontinue use without professional help. At a private alcohol rehab or drug rehab, you can focus fully on your recovery without distractions. 

Relapse rates for addiction are high with up to 60% of those in recovery relapsing on at least one occasion. Often, relapse occurs due to treatment programs that are not long enough. Private rehab centers allow you to stay for as long as you need, provided you meet your financial obligations.

What is Private Rehab?

Private rehab facilities provide private rooms allowing those in recovery to take more time alone reflecting between therapy sessions. 

Most private drug rehab centers and alcohol rehab centers are based at luxurious facilities offering treatment at all levels on ASAM’s continuum of care. For those seeking private inpatient rehab, you can expect to get immediate assistance for your addiction or mental health condition. Public rehab centers might be much cheaper, but they are also less exclusive and often have lengthy waiting lists. 

Private rehab facilities offer treatment programs for the following conditions: 

  • Alcohol use disorders
  • Substance use disorders
  • Mental health disorders
  • Co-occurring disorders (dual diagnosis of addiction and mental health condition)

You may be wondering “Should I go to rehab?” Well if you have a moderate or severe addiction, a co-occurring disorder, or an unstable home environment, residential private rehab will likely produce the most favorable treatment outcomes. 

At private inpatient rehab, you will remain at the luxury facility for between 30 and 90 days. You can expect private rehab centers to have a low ratio of staff to clients. They typically offer the most extensive and specialist therapies delivered by experts in the fields of addiction and mental health. Private rehab centers will also offer access to a wide variety of holistic therapies to supplement evidence-based interventions.

If you have the financial resources or health insurance cover in place – more on that below – private rehab offers an unparalleled environment conducive to detox, withdrawal, and recovery without distractions. 

Even better, you can achieve all this without any concerns about your privacy. Many executives, business owners, and high-profile individuals choose to kickstart their recovery at private rehab so that their recovery journey remains confidential. 

All decent private rehab centers will offer a medically supervised detox, allowing you to withdraw from alcohol, prescription medications, or illicit drugs as safely and comfortably as possible. 

Once detoxed, you will be ready to engage with a combination of MAT (medication-assisted treatment), psychotherapy, and counseling in a secluded and discreet backdrop assured of your confidentiality.

Why Go to a Private Rehab Center?

Not every rehab center will provide treatment for all the same issues. Private rehab centers offer the following treatments: 

  • Illicit drug addiction
  • Prescription drug addiction
  • Dual diagnosis
  • Drug dependence
  • Withdrawal management with medical detox

Engaging with treatment at a private rehab maximizes your chances of getting the specialist treatment you need free of stigma or privacy concerns. 

Aside from the privacy angle, there are many other benefits of beginning your recovery at a private rehab center: 

  1. Benefit from a completely personalized treatment plan
  2. Get immediate assistance with no waiting list
  3. Begin your recovery under close medical supervision and benefit from the involvement of your family
  4. Access a variety of nutritional and exercise programs
  5. Detox and kickstart your recovery in luxury and privacy before leaving private rehab with a robust aftercare plan in place

An image of an individual staring out at the horizon, representing recovery at a private rehab, for increased confidentiality in treatment

1) Benefit from a completely personalized treatment plan

Every addiction is unique and there are many reasons that lead to addiction developing. While there is no cure for this chronic and relapsing condition, addiction usually responds positively to treatment. The success or failure of this treatment hinges on a precise diagnosis and a treatment plan being tailored to the individual. 

At private rehab centers, you can expect access to the most experienced addiction specialist and mental healthcare professionals. You can also expect a customized treatment plan accounting for your addiction, your circumstances, and your desire for privacy during treatment. 

2) Get immediate assistance with no waiting list

For many people who hit rock bottom during active addiction, getting immediate assistance can be imperative. 

Trying to find a public rehab center might be the most cost-effective route to recovery, but in addition to offering a less private setting, you are not likely to get immediate help if you need it. 

In most cases, you can immediately engage with a course of treatment at a private rehab following intake, diagnosis, and detox. 

3) Begin your recovery journey under close medical supervision and benefit from the involvement of your family

Private drug and alcohol rehabs offer close medical supervision during the challenging detox phase and throughout inpatient treatment. 

Addiction is a family disease impacting not just the 40 million adults in the U.S. with substance use disorders, but also their families. At private rehab, you can not only enjoy privacy during treatment when you need it, but also involve your loved ones in family therapy sessions. A neutral third party can help you to discuss how you will repair and strengthen your relationship. A therapist can also help you to improve your communication and conflict management skills. 

4) Access a variety of nutritional and exercise programs

Private and luxury rehab centers will often provide a wide range of nutritional, fitness, and exercise programs, helping you to create a healthier and more productive routine as you ease from detox into the early phase of recovery. 

5) Detox and kickstart your recovery in luxury and privacy before leaving private rehab with a robust aftercare plan in place

All the best private rehab facilities will extend help beyond discharge. In addition to leaving the treatment center with a relapse management strategy and aftercare in place, you can also expect access to an alumni program, and you may also find yourself paired with a sober companion. 

In addition to all of the above benefits, private rehab assures you of confidentiality throughout all stages of your treatment for addiction or mental health condition.

Why Does Confidentiality Matter?

Privacy and confidentiality are key considerations for most people seeking addiction treatment. Attending a private rehab ensures that your identity, health information, and participation in treatment are kept private. 

Many people have many different reasons for insisting upon discretion and confidentiality throughout their recovery. Shame, fear of stigma, concern about backlash in the workplace, and fear of discrimination are some of the reasons inhibiting people from engaging with the treatment they need. Private rehab can help alleviate these concerns.

During intake at private rehab, you will sign an ROI (release of information) for all your medical records. Many individuals attending private rehab also request treatment staff sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to help safeguard their privacy further. 

If you have specific privacy concerns, you should reach out to the private rehab centers on your shortlist to request more information about their privacy policy.

How Much Does a Private Rehab Cost?

The customized nature of treatment at private rehab centers means that health insurance may cover some but not all of the costs. 

Whether you intend to pay for private rehab through medical insurance or self-funding, reach out to our team today for a personalized treatment costing. 

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Private Inpatient Rehab at California Detox

Once you have detoxed, your treatment team will create an individualized treatment plan drawing from these interventions: 

  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Psychotherapy (CBT or DBT)
  • MAT (medication-assisted treatment)
  • Family therapy
  • Holistic therapies

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While everyone’s situation is different, clients often stay at least 30 days at a private residential rehab to go through detox and the early stages of treatment, with some clients staying an additional 30-60 days depending on the situation.
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